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Ursilla B.
8d ago

Man, how can you thank a person that helped you walk? Andrew made all my pain go away. I got into a car accident about a month ago and was bed ridden. From what Andrew told, my abs were so tight, from when a clinched down as i was getting hit, that whenever I went to stand up from the bed my body pulled me right back down, I EVEN FELL trying to muscle my way to the bathroom two weeks ago. I was scared about how i would live life before I met Andrew. Andrew you gave me my life back. Thank YOU!



Lauren E.
142d ago

Andrew was absolutely wonderful. I have been in pain for a better part of the last month and I have better range of motion and slept better than I have in many weeks. I look forward to working with Andrew on reconditioning my body for more flexibility and stress relief. I highly recommend him to anyone. He was punctual, and very professional as well as he had a very soothing demeanor.




Ram R.
164d ago

Excellent services. His 90 minutes service is highly value for money. He knew exactly what I wanted and customized his massage accordingly. I took a deep-tissue. Completely relieved from the stress and slept like a baby. Thanks Andrew!




Sam L.
195d ago

Alfred was very knowledgeable and professional. Certainly will use again and recommend to friends.




Jonathan B.
216d ago

Andrew was excellent and a true professional. I highly recommend him to anyone wanting a deep tissue massage.




Jeanette L.
227d ago

Andrew was absolutely excellent. He did a superb job working with me and assessing my level of tolerance as a first time getting a massage customer. I could feel results as he worked and upon completion I felt a great deal of relief. I look forward to our next appointment.



Cody R.
233d ago

Andrew came today and it was the most amazing massage I’ve ever had! He got deep into my muscles and even worked all of the knots out of my feet. I’ve already scheduled him to come back next week!



Joshua P.
234d ago

alfred was great i really enjoy him.



Kumar V.
245d ago

Andrew is knowledgeable and professional. He finds the problem areas and works magic. Combining massage and stretching to the end result of a relaxed, healing body, and well-maintained body. I look forward to my regular massages with him.



Yolanda D.
248d ago

Andrew did an awesome job! Very professional, worked around my schedule, and was on time. Couldn’t ask for a better experience. Y. Dancer



Seth M.
250d ago

I appreciate the dude showed up on time he, Andrew, worked on my lower back and shoulders. I work at AT&T so non-stop desk work. Ima hire Andrew again. You should too.



Haley P.
261d ago

Excellent and professional work. My lower back has been killing me for the past few months after my car accident. Andrew was able to drive to my house within an hour of me making the request. His energy was great. When Andrew walked into my house felt his posative intentions to truley help me. before he began, he clearly went over what had happened in my car accident and got to the root of my pain. My low back hurts and I have worked with about 6 different therapist since my accident and none have gone into detail about how my pain makes me feel and more so how we could work to fix my problem. Very thankful for Thumb Tack, more so thankful to Andrew actually helping feel better. I fell asleep as he was working on me, I have not been able to sleep for months properly and Andrew helped me fall asleep as he was working on me. There is no way i could ever thank him enough. I will definetly be calling Andrew again.



Eric W.
265d ago

Fantastic service. On time, professional and a very gifted RMT. The entire staff was blessed by their time in the massage chair.



Meg S.
307d ago

My first time using thumbtack for this and Andrew was great! He was prompt, his set up was professional and the massage was excellent. I will definitely be using him again!!!!



Wayne W.
310d ago

Very great experience. I’m a big guy and take a lot of work to stretch and massage well. It was perfect. Highly recommend.

**ANNOUNCEMENT** SE: Functional Range Conditioning & Performance Therapy accepts all forms of credit card and cash exchange for massage therapy, as a “Donation or Gift” for the advancement of education, skills, and techniques for the purpose of providing a greater service to all clients I pursue to positively prepare for the performance of their everyday lives.

Massage therapists Orange County at SE: Functional Range Conditioning & Performance Therapy provides Reconditioning and Revitalize for your life. Get a mobile personal training in Orange County

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