Focused ability to generate Speed-Strength, Speed-Endurance, Speed-Skill, Speed-Flexibility, Speed-Strength. Conscious control of core control to facilitate power outward, the arms and legs creating the particular force your body can command to your next race completion, wall climbing, and rope running drills.

  • Command usage of slow and fast twitch muscle
  • Master ability to generate force from every angle
  • Develop control of holistic speed dynamics
  • Hone capable transition from sprinting to endurance running

Speed & explosion training provides the drastic ability to maneuver in and out of turns at safe powerful control. Building conscious self-awareness on joint and muscle relationship during transitions of jumping to landing into sprinting with direction changes. Mitigating the chance of injury during a simple or complex action under loads.

  • Elite level control within direction change
  • Superior awareness of self, increasing injury prevention
  • Dynamic learning of force coupling to increase Carole muscle usage
  • Improved foundation for running, jumping, and lifting capability

Flexibility is Capability : Capability is Power

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