Engagement of the core abdominal muscles allows for greater control of extremities at end ranges. Building core stability gives the aesthetic 6-pack, whilst providing the bracer of protection for your lower back and spine. Assessing conscious activation within your deep abdominal muscles is your next PR, best track record, sled pull, or burpee challenge.

  • Control of breathing capacity
  • Stabilize spine during movement
  • Creates the anchor for the extremities to perform at full effort
  • Greater speed and power

Core activation plays a vital role in all actions. During breathing, running, throwing is all connected through the commands of the CNS (Central Nervous System’s) belief the spine and/or joints are safe through a action. The plays a role in the sequence of bracing the center of mass sends out a ripple effect of muscle tension (Irradiation) throughout the body allowing the CNS to receive signals of safety during any action.

Few humans are taught to breathe diaphragmatically, be which to activate the diaphragm creating the greatest volume of respiration possible. With full control of diaphragm, one can run for greater distances, more resilient to fatigue, recover from high intensity movements at a greater rate.

  • Become greater athlete
  • Higher endurance levels
  • Massive boost in calorie burn
  • Total control of muscle capability

Flexibility is Capability : Capability is Power

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