How Is NanoCalm Different?

Hemp Oil You Can Feel

Nanoparticles are microscopic single-layer spheres made of phospholipids – the basic building blocks of cell membranes.

NANOCALM uses phospholipids to encapsulate hemp extract into nanoparticles, which bypass the digestive processes that normally reduce and limit absorption.


Faster Relief

Other products on the market use low-grade phospholipids that break down over time.

The phospholipid nanoparticles in NANOCALM are smaller, more stable, and tightly distributed single-layer spheres. These nanoparticles are small enough to begin absorption as soon as they hit your mouth.


More Effective

Most nutraceutical manufacturers use cheap shear methods that produce large, poorly absorbed particles measuring between 200-600 nm.

The NANOCALM particle system is within the 30- 80 nm range, which is the same target range as pharmaceutical companies.

CBD You can FEEL

NanoCalm is the only product clinically shown to increase bioavailability of phytocannabinoids in the blood by up to 5x so you feel the effects sooner and lasting longer. However, these offerings are not made alike.


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