Why stay I pain with no gain?

Do you suffer from hip pain?
Has your back ever felt weak?
Experience stiffness when walk down stairs?

KINSTRETCH: Total body control system, meant to increase flexibility and engage strength at the end range of motion

Kinstretch training online is your resource for discovering the natural laws of the body.
Train the body with a specific intention and the body will adapt and mild to the experience you want to enjoy.


  • Functional Mobility: Mind-muscle connection equals strength when moving, improving Joint strength and neuromuscular control.
  • Joint Resilience: Bulletproof your joints to run, jump, and play, even at your age.
  • Joint Health: Retrain you joints to feel supple and alive through the power of you.


On the surface the training may appear as joint circles. Rotational movement, supercharged by variable maximal voluntary contraction (flexing your muscles), engages the CNS to train strength-endurance, strength-strength and strength-skill through progressive control of max range in motion.

Leaving a online KINSTRETCH class

Provides confidence in your movement, pain-free range of motion and soothing stubborn aches away through consciously moving to heal. – Baseball Developmental Group

Be excited.

We are improving our brains perception of the joint (what it available for solving movement tasks), increasing connective tissue strength, and ultimately creating a more robust movement system

Your team, your individual sport, why hell, your life depends on proper joint function.
Coach Wise-Warrior at Innovative Results, sports specific programming, and accelerated return to sports programming.

Innovative Results Zoom Class Schedule

  • Tuesday 3:30PM & 5:00 PM
  • Friday 3:30PM & 5:00 PM

Class Price

  • Online Class
    • $25 Drop-in
    • $175 10 Pack of classes
  • Private 1on1 Class
    • $75 Single class
    • $450 10 Class pack


  • Yoga Mat (or equivalent) 
  • Yoga Block (or equivalent) 
  • Tennis Ball (or equivalent) 
  • Mobility Stick (or equivalent) 
  • [equipment is helpful, yet not required]

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Online Kinstretch Class


Flexibility is Capability: Capability is Power