Humerus CAR’s (Seated) – 7 Laps “Clockwise to counterclockwise = 1 Lap”

  • Begin w/ Irradiated Breathing.
  • Keep elbow straight.
  • Only Ball and Socket movement.
      • Flex Humerus up to max overhead flexion. 1
        • @ max OHF beginning external rotation at the Ball and Socket. 2
        • @ max external rotation actively stabilizing Scapula muscles. 3
      • Rotate Humerus down towards front Thigh, max extension. 4
        • @ max extension back of Hand should graze side on Thigh
Staying conscious of:
  • Breathing
  • Irradiation
  • Lack of Compensation
    • 1) Keep Core tight, DONT allow Ribs to raise.
    • 2) Keep the same side Oblique tight, DONT lean to opposite side.
    • 3) Keep Scapula muscles tight, DONT allow Ball and Socket to fall forward.
    • 4) Keep the Ball and Socket rotating backwards, think pulling Obliques down and back

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