Functional Range Release

Comprehensive assessment taking account for articular ability to command the greatest range of motion from the joint capsules level. Analyzing muscle tension to provide qualitative feedback noting where to intervene with manual therapy.

  • Increased range of motion in first session
  • Eliminates closing angle joint pain
  • Improves awareness of joint capsule
  • Full body connective tissue alignment

Functional Range Release (FR) a manual therapy technique used to provide greater joint capsule mobility, when range is limited by sensation of pain in the closing angle of the motion. (ex. Shoulder flexion would be limited by the posterior group of muscle at the shoulder. When the sensation of pain/ tension/ resistance is felt at the front or “closing angle” of the shoulder flexion)

FR’s assessment techniques’ generates a full range understanding of the capability of the joint capsule, passively and actively, to determine if load at any particular angle. FR assessment identifies the dysfunctional muscle into groups in order to deliver the safest, fastest, and greatest results.

SE: Functional Range Conditioning & Performance Therapy’s mission: provide the most direct way to reach goals in a pain-free range of motion. Combining functional rotational movement assessments to determine the precise techniques to use with a system of modalities that produces results within the first session.

  • Return to sport sooner
  • Improves injury resistance
  • Turns up joint capsule load capacity
  • More competent joints

Flexibility is Capability: Capability is Power

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