Utilizing the concepts of “Irradiation, Specificity, and Adaptation” to guide the bridge of conscious joint-muscular mobility. Training through the 3 Levels of FRC, creates a greater active range of motion. Dynamic ability to command flexibility while being mobile. Improving the awareness of joints to build the resilience for injury mitigation.

  • Improved joint capsule stability
  • Greater capsular range of motion
  • Decrease the severity of injury
  • Minimize the likelihood of injury
  • Accelerated return to sport

Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) promotes the discovery of capsular and muscular limitations through rotational movements. Articular health is the difference from ability to play a sport at elite level or limited to a wheelchair. Recent past muscles have been understood as the catalyst of motion, moving the bones around in space. While in more recent present effective mobilization is found at the joint level. The abundant number and types of nerves in the joints provides intermediary for the signals sent to and from the brain and the body. As a fact, all tissues of the body are produced by fibroblast, which are contractile, it can be said that the joints are a contractile tissue providing levels of locomotion for the human body.

FRC targets the articular range of all joints. Particularly the end ranges of motion for any particular joint by way of CAR’s (Controlled Articular Ranges) through active, fully irradiated, ranges of motion. With irradiation, the body recruits neural drive from neighboring muscles, as apart of the FRC system, irradiation is combined with neuromuscular-articular isolated movements. Meaning in a Humerus CAR’s all muscle is contracted to a specified rate, the chosen Humerus is flexed to the greatest range then externally rotated back and down until the knuckles graze the thigh, into the reverse of the motion all while breathing and fully irradiating the body to provide greater neural drive to induce immense amounts of neural feedback to the brain.

The FRC system is abundant in the capability to perform at any level of body control. From day one giving back the ability to consciously maneuver one’s body. For athletes, the FRC system introduces PAIL’s and RAIL’s  (Progressive/ Regressive Articular Isometric Loads) challenging the joint capsule at the end ranges to improve the capacity for joint resilience (stability) for any sport specific motions. Incredibly the more sedentary populations benefits greatly from the FRC system in its ability to realistically improve the range of motion of joints first session at a conscious level, through the principles of irradiation.

  • Command your body to perform at higher rates of effort
  • Prepare the joints for greater loads
  • Improve the ability of joint capsule resilience
  • Make being a human easier

Flexibility is Capability : Capability is Power

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