Training through the 3 Levels of Strength (Flexibility, Endurance, Skill), creates a greater active range of motion.

Blending concepts of “Irradiation, Specificity, and Adaptation” to establish the bridge of conscious joint-muscular mobility. Breeding dynamic ability to command flexibility while being mobile. Improving the awareness of joints to build resilience for injury prevention.

• Greater joint range of motion
• Decrease the severity of injury
• Accelerated return to sport

Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) improves your skill sets for dynamic joint movement by way of controlled rotational joint movements. Joint skills are the difference in gravity pushing you into a squat or engaged control of joint flexibility in and out of a squat.

The FRC system introduces PAIL’s and RAIL’s (Progressive/ Regressive Articular Isometric Loads) challenging the joint capsule at the end ranges to build the endurance required for elite level movements. Isometric loads engage the muscles in a way to reach the safest strength potential without injury risk, bulletproofing the resilience for joint stability for any sport-specific motions.

Joint pain from activities of daily living (ADL) are confusing and infuriating. Creating the space for pills that cover the symptom but never target the cause of the pain. Rotational joint movement 9/10 times will eliminate the pain felt from ADL.

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Flexibility is Capability: Capability is Power

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