Hip 90/90 PAIL/RAIL’s (Seated) – 3 Laps “Clockwise to counterclockwise = 1 Lap”

  • Begin w/ Irradiated Breathing.
    • Seated Knees to a 90 degrees. 1
    • Front Leg. Activating the inside Hip/ Inner Thigh  muscles. 2
    • Internally rotate Hip. As if to rotate Heel to face the ceiling, whilst driving Knee down towards the floor. A Lift and Rotation action. 3
    • Reverse muscle action. 4
    • Front Leg. Activate the outside Hip/ Glut muscles. 5
    • Externally rotate Hip. As if rotating Heel down digging into floor, whilst driving Knee down towards the floor. A Sweeping and Rotation action. 6
Staying conscious of:
  • Breathing
  • Irradiation
  • Lack of Compensation
    • 1) Feel Hip Flex using the deep Core muscles.
    • 2) Feel outside Glut muscles pull/ active Hip rotating down (external rotation).
    • 3) Feel the front Hip and Inner Thigh muscles rotate inside (internal rotation)
    • 4) Feel Glut muscles to power all rotations

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