Knee CAR’s (Seated) – 3 Laps “Clockwise to counterclockwise = 1 Lap”

  • Begin w/ Irradiated Breathing.
  • Foot flexed
    • Knee at flexion, Foot rotated out. 1
    • Knee to extension. Foot rotated in. 2
    • Knee to flexion. Foot rotated out.
  • Reveres
Staying conscious of:
  • Breathing
  • Irradiation
  • Lack of Compensation
    • 1) Feel, pulling the Hamstring muscles for flexion, outside  Foot muscles (pinky Toe) pulling outward.
    • 2) Feel, pulling the Quad muscles for extension, inside Foot muscles (big Toe) pulling inward.
    • 3) Think & Feel the muscle move before you move them.

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