Creating the ability to master self and body. Learning the art of breathing consciously, engaging our diagram. Harnessing the power of the breath to own greater authority over new ranges of motion. Calming the system down, promoting cleaner thoughts and intentful focus at a performance levels

  • Positive confident attitude
  • Ability to withstand harsh environments
  • Truly centering one’s self
  • Making the task at hand that much easier

More oxygen, more vitality. More vitality, more life. Standard improvement in quality of life, through the calmest times, over into the extremes of training or the hiccups in life. Breathing is the single activity that should be trained, in order to accomplish goals that may require an anaerobic state. Which is any moderate to an intense movement pattern that last longer than 2 minutes.

Controlling the breath is command over the Transverse Abdominis (TVA). TVA acts as the tourniquet that holds up and in all organs. Bracing the abdominals from the deepest layer. This brace is what creates the rock hard effect of all athletes, supplying core tension and support to accomplish; elite level sprinting, bounding, climbing, lifting and throwing. All motion is created in the hips, the hips are dependent upon the stability of the core to engage for hip flexion and support through extension of swing phase during walking

Activating the core muscles and diaphragm allows for greater control of movement and conscious thought process. An oxygen rich respiratory system provides a healthier, alkaline body capable of fighting off many infections and bacteria. Alkalinity givens the metabolize energy most effectively, ultimately developing a better athlete, healthier organs, more sleep, and abundant energy.

SE: Functional Range Conditioning & Performance Therapy mission is creating a greater functioning Human. The goals we set illuminates the path to a destination placed in the future, though in the present, with ever session and within every rep the training to increase “Strength-Endurance” is the training creating greater response for the body to utilize more oxygen at any one (athletic or non-athletic) moment of taking a breath.

  • Energy conservation
  • Mental focus
  • Physical endurance
  • Solid aesthetic core

Flexibility is Capability : Capability is Power

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